Understanding that each project is unique, we've assembled our team to be effective and nimble in aligning ourselves with each project's needs. Whether the IS project at the conceptual stage, needing a complete design-build effort, or in for permit and ready to break ground, the SymmetRy Builders, Inc. team is set up for success.  

Give us a call and we're happy to talk through the different delivery methods and how they can help you save time and money on your next project.


Pre-construction is a term commonly used but often misunderstood in the industry. Many construction companies see pre-construction as a pricing process only costing concepts as they're put on paper. We see pre-construction as a collaborative effort with continual feedback to insure your project is evolving inline with your goals. We're construction experts and we want you to benefit from our experience. We can assist you with:

  • Preliminary / Initial Budgeting

  • Pro-Forma Assistance

  • Preliminary Scheduling

  • Constructibility Review

  • Early Procurement

  • Development Requirements

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) and SketchUp 3-D Modeling & Coordination

  • System(s) life-cycle analysis and recommendations

  • Lot / Plot entitlement

  • Complete design & engineering services


We have an experienced pre-construction team that knows how to deliver a design on time, under budget and in line with the ownership's requirements. Harnessing our team’s experience, we often work side-by-side with the owner's design team (or hire them directly) to develop the project design. As the owner, you benefit from continual general contractor involvement by creating an optimized project design.

  • Real-Time Costing Feedback

  • Continual Value Engineering Efforts

  • Accelerated Project Delivery

  • Eliminates Value Engineering Efforts After Design Is Complete


The Cost-Plus (GMP) delivery method carries a lot of similarities with 'Design-Assist' but has some inherent differences. This process typically begins with identifying preliminary project requirements and goals and then Symmetry Builders, Inc. develops a preliminary budget. The overall project requirements may change based on this cost feedback. Once the project team is comfortable with the project goals and overall building program, Symmetry Builders, Inc. can develop an Initial GMP (iGMP) that includes set general conditions and fees. As preconstruction and design progress towards Construction Documents 'CDs,' the team focuses on developing a design that meets the iGMP.  Owners benefit from thorough preconstruction efforts and continual Symmetry Builders, Inc. involvement. Once the team is comfortable with the design Symmetry Builders, Inc. develops a Final GMP and begins construction. Throughout construction the Owner is issued monthly invoices including extensive 'back-up' from each trade involved in the project. There are additional administrative costs for Symmetry Builders, Inc. Some additional components of Cost-Plus (GMP) are:

  • Additional Confidence in Project Costing

  • Potential Cost Savings


Design-Bid-Build (Hard Bid), or sometimes referred to as 'Plan & Spec', projects require a much different approach during the estimating phase of the project. Our estimating team, which consists of construction professionals, understand project documents, specifications and overall design intent. First, this team thoroughly reviews all project information and then develops costing for that scope of work. They later identify alternates or 'Value Engineering' items for more optimal approaches to the project.